The Second Brother (Maledict)



An Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire, the Second Brother was present at both the execution of Jedi Knight Taj Junak on Mrrlst, and also the raid on the Atanna estate on Esseles, where he captured Chella Oliss, the Iktochi rebels, and Atanna himself.

The Second Brother, also known by the codename Maledict in his transmissions to Imperial agent Jerrin Tesh, wears a black Imperial uniform underneath a military jacket, and occasionally a hooded cape. The most distinctive feature of his uniform is the Mandalorian helmet he wears, marked with the colors of Darth Maul’s Shadow Collective. Unlike most Inquisitors, Maledict uses a standard lightsaber and not a versatile dual-bladed.

The Second Brother (Maledict)

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